Monday, May 7, 2012

Jack and the Hopstalk

The Willamette is now taller than I am and looks like it's going to keep going. I do worry that there's only one shoot but that me just be me getting protective. I suspect it would recover just fine if it was damaged at all. Growth can be measured daily at this point. Will have to think about what to do when it gets to the top of the twine.

The Northern Brewer has definitely recovered from it's earlier setback. There are definite signs of it winding its way up around the tomato cage. With any luck it will grow quickly enough now to get leaves out of reach of the voracious snails. Nothing like just outgrowing a pest.

I'm hoping that the second shoot that you might be able to see to the left will also shortly reach the support of the cage and start shooting up. This extra wait will be worth it if we end up with twice as much. One thing I have noted is that the leaves of this second shoot reaching for the cage are much lighter in colour than those of the shoot that has already reached it. Presumably more effort going into growth than chlorophyll production until it finds reliable support.

The Goldings have finally made it as far as the cage and even started winding their way around it. Might make a hop plant out of it yet.

There are several shoots here so there could potentially be much more in the way or production. Only time and the snails will tell.

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