Sunday, April 22, 2012

Northern Brewer re-grip

First off, I want to draw your attention to the small chart I've added on the right hand side at the top with the height of the hops last time I checked. Should give you some idea of how they're doing in comparison to each other as we go.

So the storms of the last few days have not meant that my hops have drowned, or been blown away or even hit by lightning. This isn't a daytime soap after all. I haven't had to do much watering though. The Northern Brewer has recovered enough to start winding its way around the tomato cage again, which is nice. There is also another shoot that looks like it too will soon be doing the same. You can also see the damage done to the older leaves by the snails:

The Goldings haven't grown much in height but seem to be concentrating on bushiness. There are now three main shoots with two of those having secondary shoots coming out of them. Again you can easily see snail damage on the lower leaves. I'm hoping they start growing up and out of their reach soon:

The Willamette goes from strength to strength. It's now happily making its way up the twine:

Here you can see the whole thing:

Just hope this keeps up and that there is enough room for them to keep growing.


  1. Its amazing how fast they grow, you can practially watch the bines climb the twine. Don't worry about the broken one (although I understand your pain and anguish over it, I've done the same thing), it will compensate by sending out new shoots. I had a problem with caterpillars for awhile which are really hard to see as they turn the same colour as the plants they eat. Plants are looking great though, good luck!

  2. Thanks Steve. The Northern Brewer does seem to be recovering. I'm now quietly confident that about the Willamette, whose growth rate is fantastic. Can't quite see it grow but I can definitely tell the difference between the start and end of the day. Just hope I get some cones from it now.