Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Caught red handed...

...before being hurled several thousand body lengths in a different direction. Didn't even make any effort to hide their vandalism. Behaviour like this isn't going to be tolerated in this neck of the woods.

This snail was found on the Goldings. Certainly explains the state of the lower leaves. Looks like it had just moved onto a nice fresh one too.

This caterpillar was on the Willamette walking around the edge of the leaf with a very casual don't-mind-me kind of saunter. Cheeky bugger. I hope these two will serve as an example to all the other bugs thinking about taking a nibble of these hops. It's not like there aren't other plants nearby that I'd be perfectly happy for them to eat. I guess they never eat the weeds though.


  1. I wonder if there are strains that are more suited to your hot climate? Northern Brewer and Willamette are from my neck of the woods up here in Oregon.

  2. I've never heard of any. It's possible nobody thought to put the effort into developing new strains given how much shorter the day length in mid-summer is this far south. Having said that the Willamette and Northern Brewer both seem to be doing well. The Goldings is still making a valiant effort though. Remains to be seen if any of them give me any cones their first year though. Fingers crossed.