Friday, May 25, 2012

Charity Beer

I know I said at the start of this blog it wouldn't be about beer or brewing but I feel an exception coming on. I may be way behind the curve on this but I don't recall ever coming across a charity beer before. You pay a little extra for an excellent beer, which then goes to a good cause. There are so many wins here I think I may have lost count. Very appropriately for Memorial weekend the charity involved is Operation Homefront of Texas that supports currently serving or injured troops. There are five other breweries participating so even if you're not in Texas you can still benefit/contribute.


The beer itself is an IPA, thus my interest. According to St Arnolds tasting notes the hops they have used are Chinook and Cascade throughout (bittering, finishing and dry hopping). They have also aged it with Louisville Slugger bats made of maple wood. Orange peel and zest (the zesting done by volunteers apparently) were also added. Having tasted it (just right now as it happens), it's quite light for an IPA. Still has a wonderful hop aroma, which you might guess is appreciated on a blog like this. The orange and maple are only very subtle hints in the aroma that I would probably miss if I had a cold. Excellent example of an introductory IPA for those new to hops in their beer or have been shying away from them. Would also make excellent beer for drinking in the sun.

Here is a link to the Beer, Tx blog at the Chronicle with more details:

Weekend beercast: Saint Arnold helps military families with Homefront IPA | Beer, TX | a blog

Hope everyone has an excellent Memorial weekend.

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