Sunday, April 1, 2012

Twist and shout.......really fast

The Willamette has started winding itself around the cage and it's in a hurry:

For reference, this is what it looked like just two days ago:

Talking to people at Defalcos the other day it sounds as if others have also had the most success with Willamette here in Houston. Just hope it continues. The other two are making progress too though. The Northern Brewer has almost made it to the cage:

There's some signs of damage to a couple of the lower leaves. Hopefully whatever decided to give it a try didn't think it was that tasty. Will have to keep an eye out for pests, didn't see any on the leaves when I took the pic.

The Goldings are being the slowest:

There's evidence of something chowing down on the leaves here too. Again, there's no sign of any pests. While at Defalcos they gave me some info on growing hops which included notes on diseases and pests. I've seen no sign of either hop aphids (we do have normal aphids on other plants though) or spider mites. The second shoot you can see here has also not shown much sign of growth. Perhaps they'll catch up.

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