Saturday, April 7, 2012

Disaster (and some hyperbole) strike!

As if the Golding wasn't doing badly enough this happens:

Not sure how this happened. Doesn't look like wilting as the leaves look fine. Perhaps it was an adventurous snail that didn't know its own weight or just munched on the main stem to bring the main tip back down to somewhere it could reach. My recent addition of a beer trap has not snared any snails yet:

There were a couple of woodlice, but no snails unfortunately. May have to escalate my organic battle against them. Although, if they leave the other two alone I might just reckon that two out of three ain't bad (to paraphrase Meatloaf). The leaves above the break haven't dried out just yet but I don't fancy their chances. However, I did find this new growth:

Maybe the plant will put more effort into growing its two other shoots to rescue it. In any case this will further set the Goldings back in comparison to the two others. The timing involved may or may not be good if I am going to get something to harvest this year. Given what Houston summers are like I have a feeling that harvesting sooner rather than later will be better.

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