Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hang 'em high

The Willamette goes from strength to strength. It is now winding its way around the twine I have specially tied onto the tomato cage for it:

Here you can see what the whole plant looks like at the moment within the tomato cage:

And here you can see the challenge I have set it. Everything I have read, seen and heard about hops tells me that they should easily overcome this challenge. It just remains to be seen how much this armpit of a climate we have here in Houston affects them, that and the shorter mid-summer days.

There is also progress in terms of recovery from the other two. The prematurely decapitated Northern Brewer has been busily sending out secondary shoots:

The Goldings are looking the healthiest they've looked in a while. There are now three primary shoots in total, although only one of them still has its apical meristem. However there is a good amount of growth coming from the secondary shoots from the main stem:

I just hope that the storms predicted for tonight and the next couple of days don't either destroy them or drown them.

Update - this is what the radar picture looks like at the moment:

More is predicted for tomorrow too. The raised beds seemed to drain quickly enough last time we had a lot of rain. Fingers crossed same happens this time.

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