Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poor Little Goldings

The Goldings were the first up but seem to be suffering for it. Growth has been much slower than the other two. There is also more leaf damage due to something eating it. Both of the others have a leaf or two at their base with some damage but higher up are fine.

This is what the Goldings looks like now. It's clearly making an effort but a lot of the leaves have been munched on. To my eye this looks like snails eating them. One of them even pooped on the highest leaf open:

Can't say I don't show you anything nice here at Hopstarter. I had hoped that leaving some of the weeds around it would give the snails enough to eat that they wouldn't be tempted by the hops. With any luck it too will grow itself out of harms way once it reaches the cage around it. Fingers crossed that snails can't climb up several feet of bine.

As I have said before I want to keep this operation as organic as possible as I hope some of it will end up in beer so I'm not going to be covering them in toxic chemicals. I found reference to some organic suggestions on the Home Brew Talk forums. Beer trap seems like the obvious place to start :) Will update later on how that goes. If that doesn't work spreading some egg shells (or just fine gravel) around them sounds easy enough, I only have three plants after all. It should also be possible to arrange some kind of copper barrier around them.

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