Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Time flies when you're growing fun

I've realised that it is going to be all too easy to lose track of what's happening with these hops if I don't keep on top of this blog. The observant will have noticed that I have changed the hop height graph to show change over time. This means that I can calculate a growth rate, even if three data points per plant aren't of earth shattering significance. The Columbus has grown nearly 4 feet in two weeks, which I reckon comes out at a little over 3 inches per day. At that rate falling behind will be all too easy if I'm not paying attention. Here's a side view, you should be able to see one of the Columbus shoots (top right) is well ahead of anything else

Also, all three plants are showing signs of lateral buds that will become cones. As always the Columbus is the most obvious:

The Cascade buds can at least be seen without squinting too much:

The Willamette cones need a much closer look, but they are just about poking out:

Overall, good progress is being made with plenty of upward growth. I haven't quite got the stage of cutting back the shoots of the Columbus to thin them down to the best performing 9 so that I can try them out in a hop shoots risotto. Should be soon though.

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