Thursday, April 24, 2014

Onwards and upwards

Growth over the last couple of weeks has been prodigious with the Columbus and Cascade getting towards the top of their respective tomato cages:

Hopefully the three Columbus shoots and one Cascade shoots that are getting close can be seen. This means that it's time to instigate my twine-based plan for further upward growth. Unfortunately, some bodging will be necessary as there are no obvious points from which to hang twine. My intention is to string them up to the window just above them, thus creating some shade underneath (if we get enough growth):

What I hope is visible here is a small piece of bamboo that has been inserted into one of the holes of the brick forming the window sill. There is a similar hole on the other side. I drilled small holes in each of the bamboo pieces so that I could string some twine between them. They are kept in place by keeping the twine between them under tension through knot tying. The idea is that lines of twine can then be attached to the twine between the two pieces of bamboo. There is one attached in the photo above. Adding a total of nine lines (3 for each plant) looks like this from below:

And like this from the side:

And this is the full frontal:

I'm hoping that with enough growth, particularly from the Columbus, that there will be enough shade created so we can move the glass table (you can see in the side view) underneath to take advantage during the summer. Only time will tell how much growth happens. Certainly, putting up this arrangement has happened just in time for the Columbus:

My only real concern now is stopping them from growing up the string of lights. There will have to be some hyper-vigilance given how quickly they are growing right now.

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