Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We have lift off

We've had a fair bit of rain and drizzle recently. Hasn't been great for doing things outdoors but it has been great for the hops. They are all looking very healthy right now. Here's the Willamette:


The Cascade:

The Galena, which is still very close to the ground:

And the Columbus:

I've even been inspired to start measuring their height, as you should be able to see in the top right hand corner.

Something else that became obvious to me this afternoon is that now that the other trees nearby are starting to leaf out my hops are going to be getting less direct sunlight, particularly in the afternoon:

This may look lovely and picturesque but I can't help but think about my hops getting less light. I'll just have to content myself with what they'll get in the morning.

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