Friday, May 17, 2013

And then there were three....

Disaster (a.k.a. the dog) strikes! Let him out yesterday morning and found this when I went back out to let him in:

The Galena has been entirely destroyed:

I have replanted the rhizome but I don't have high hopes. It wasn't doing nearly as well as the others but I'm still sad to see it go. Now, I didn't see the dog do this so it's always possible he was set up by some particularly industrious squirrels. I also haven't entirely ruled out the cats as I didn't seem them together during this time either (they are nearly identical litter mates) and they are generally very shady characters.

Not something I wanted after having been away for over a week. On the bright side, the others have been very busy growing. The Willamette and Cascade are growing into and around each other:

I have separated them for now but that will not last very long. The Columbus is also doing pretty well:

I will need to come up with an arbour solution soon, the heights I have measured for them are more like lengths right now. I'm thinking that tomato cages like I used last year will give me a little breathing room. They will also protect them from excavating animals to some extent.

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