Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Maybe not such a good excuse after all

So it seems that the Columbus has not been the only rhizome investing in other shoots. The Galena recently had three more shoots appear above ground:

They're just about visible here, honest. The first shoot is leafing out nicely so I'm hoping for some acceleration in growth now. 

The Columbus is also is also leafing out:

Two out of the four shoots have open leaves now with the other two close behind.

The Willamette on the other hand is sticking to its eggs in one basket strategy:

This is consistent with what I saw last year in Houston. It was some time until I saw a second shoot appear from that Willamette. It did end up being the tallest of the hops I had there, though perhaps not the most productive in terms of cones. It did produce the largest cone of the bunch (pictured in the photo I'm using for my background).

The Cascade seems to be pursuing the same strategy but is lagging behind a little:

Leaves are clearly not as open as the Willamette but I'm hoping it ends up being just as successful as the Willamette was last year.

Overall, it's looking very promising right now, particularly when you consider that they have been in the ground for less than two weeks.

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