Friday, October 4, 2013

And now back to your regularly programmed schedule...

There are some signs of life in the hop plants still. It's October now but we're having some warm weather of late which I hope is helping. Remains to be seen how much longer they will last before dying off for the winter. The Columbus is looking the healthiest at the moment:

There is some evidence of new growth but it certainly is not vigorous:

Despite the damage done to the roots while I was transplanting it, the Columbus seem like the most likely to survive to sprout again in spring. Will just have to wait and see. I'm also not sure when I should expect the growing parts that are left to start dying off for winter. This would suggest that the first freeze will finish them off. That seems like a long way off with the unusual warmth we're having right now. These things can change quickly though.

The Cascade (with requisite lounging cat in the background) looks like it is still hanging on:

Some evidence of new growth that does not seem to be in much of a hurry:

The Willamette is looking very thin indeed:

Most of the greenery you can see in this picture is from the other plants. The pot at the back has catnip (thus the lounging cat) which is doing very well. The only sign of new growth I could find was this:

Hardly cause for celebration. Of the three plants, I am most worried about whether the Willamette will make a reappearance come spring. Depending on how growth looks for them between now and the first freeze, I may well get another rhizome or two next year to try and ensure that I have some new growth.

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