Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Full steam ahead

It was 2 weeks ago today that I got my rhizomes from Defalcos and planted them. All three have since produced shoots. We have had several days in a row of bright sunshine with temperatures in the mid 80's (high 20's C). It has been mercifully (at least for me anyway) less humid than normal for Houston so the soil has dried out a little faster than normal. I have made a point of watering with the garden hose in the afternoon or evening once there is no direct sunshine on the plants (I'm sure a bit of pampering won't do them any harm). Here's the progress so far:

Willamette has easily grown the most of the three despite appearing after the Goldings. As you can see I'm going to have to start training the first bine around the cage soon.

Goldings have been a little slower but there is definitely a second shoot already visible, if you look carefully to the left of the main shoot. Not anywhere close to needing the cage yet.

Northern Brewer despite making a late start is making good progress. I've managed to find a third tomato cage so all of them will have some sturdy help, at least to start with.

As you can probably see I'm not bothering with the smaller weeds. Larger ones I'm just tearing out as and when they appear.

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